“You may just need to learn to live with it.” “There’s really nothing more that can be done.” “It’s not such a big deal.”

Does this sound familiar?

Many of the most frustrating health conditions, including chronic & acute urinary tract infections, incontinence, vaginitis, and pelvic floor dysfunction have been historically undertreated or ignored by the predominantly male-dominated medical discipline of urology. But we know firsthand that today, more than ever before, there are safe and effective treatment options available. Say hello to new opportunities for eradicating common conditions that many patients have been told to accept. Say hello to a revolution in pelvic health. Say hello to Snippa. A fully independent, women-owned, web-based healthcare solutions provider.

“Great! But… What about sex?” We have witnessed an explosion of solutions for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men. In stark contrast, treatments for female sexual dysfunction have largely remained in the shadows. No longer. Snippa proudly stands up for women’s sexual health by providing access to the same level of effective solutions that our male counterparts take for granted.

Snippa is a hub for information pertaining to women’s health & wellness and the broader issues that we all face. We produce and syndicate a variety of educational resources including articles, videos and podcasts meant to help patients better understand and take charge of their own prevention, care and support, all the while supporting their efforts to live their very best lives.

Navigating the pathways to the appropriate treatment options can be frustrating, time consuming & and often fruitless. Snippa offers a better way. Private appointments from the comfort of your own home. Prescriptions, diagnostic tests, supplements, devices and products delivered to your door. Now that’s something to get excited about.

Here for you, when you need us.