What is Snippa?

Snippa is a revolutionary way to obtain testing and treatment for common female pelvic health conditions, including UTI and STI. Our over-the-counter testing kits are available online and in select locations. Combined with expert care via telehealth, you get unparalleled access to diagnosis and treatment at your convenience and on your schedule.

Below are answers to many common questions. For any additional questions, please reach out to support@hellosnippa.com. Please allow 24-48 hours for a response to your inquiry.

General Questions

What Other Conditions Does Snippa treat?

Snippa treats the following conditions: Overactive bladder, Female Urinary Incontinence, Vaginal symptoms, Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause, Female Sexual Dysfunction, Pelvic Pain, Recurrent and Acute Urinary Tract Infections, and Sexually Transmitted Infections. 

In addition to acute issues, our providers have expertise in the management and prevention of chronic and recurrent infections.

Where did the name Snippa come from?

Snippa is a word invented in Sweden in the early 2000s to describe women’s genitalia that was not clinical, sexualized, or harsh. A social worker decided to take a stand and coined the term Snippa, a word that was similar sounding to snopp, the corresponding scandanavian neutral male term, roughly equivalent to “willy” for little boys in the US.

What is the minimum age?

Snippa can only care for patients 18 and older.

Who is Snippa for?

Snippa is for anyone with a vagina or female genitalia or any person who cares about someone with a vagina.

Snippa is NOT for anyone under the age of 18.

Where does Snippa provide care?

Currently, we can provide care in Florida, Texas, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Please email us at support@hellosnippa.com if you would love to see Snippa in your state! We are growing quickly, please join the newsletter for updates on state expansion.

How does it work?

There are three ways to connect with a Snippa Provider:

  1. I have a testing kit and I want to speak with a provider about my symptoms (click on this back to UTI/STI page)
  2. I want to buy a kit and need to find out how (Media landing page)
  3. I am not interested in testing at this time but would like to schedule a telehealth appointment to discuss my symptoms
    1. Patients can schedule with a provider by clicking the “schedule consultation” button. At that point, the patient will select an appointment and complete payment.

What is the cost?

Kits purchased online or in a store are $249.95 and include a telehealth visit. Telehealth appointments only with a specialty trained provider are $75. While Snippa does not accept any insurance, this product is comparable to many insurance copays required to see a specialist provider in the office (and you never have to take off your clothes!) If additional lab tests are ordered during your or as a result of your visit, these might be subject to additional charges.

Does Snippa take insurance?

No, not currently. Services, products, and medications offered by Snippa are not covered by insurance. However, Snippa’s price for online telehealth consultation is comparable to many specialist co-pays.

Appointment Information

Appointment scheduling instructions:

To schedule an appointment – click the scheduling link https://www.snippa.vitalis.us.

  1. Click “Create New Account” link at the bottom.
  2. Your username will be your email address.
  3. You will get an email (CHECK SPAM AND JUNK FOLDER). The email will contain a VERIFICATION CODE AND TEMPORARY PASSWORD.
  4. Log in and schedule an appointment. If you have a UTI or STI kit – use the one time use code on the card in the kit to redeem your free telehealth visit included in the price of the kit.
  5. Complete past medical history and patient intake PRIOR to your appointment.
  6. Once you have successfully scheduled, a telehealth link will appear on your dashboard.
  7. At this time we can only provide telehealth services in the states of Florida, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, & New Jersey. Indiana is coming soon! Please email us if you would like us to work on adding your state next.

If you need assistance with scheduling, please email support@hellosnippa.com. Do not include any private health information in this email.

Can I speak with a provider after my visit?

Patient questions regarding their care or visit should be communicated only via the secure patient portal. In some cases your provider may be able to answer your question via portal messaging. In general, responses to patient questions submitted via the portal will be limited to 90 days following a visit. Beyond this interval, as well as for more complex questions, you will be asked to schedule another visit. At any point should you have needs which require in person consultation, you can look for a provider to see in person at zocdoc.com

The patient portal is for routine, non-emergent communication. It is NOT continuously monitored and responses may take up to 72 hours. If you have a health care issue that cannot wait, you must call 911 or seek urgent care in an alternative setting.

Is video chat required?

In many states video chat is a requirement for telehealth. Snippa uses an online telehealth platform that is easy to use from a phone or tablet.


Yes. Snippa’s telehealth platform enables healthcare professionals to practice medicine and prescribe medication online in the states where they are licensed. Please note, however, that we do NOT prescribe any narcotic medications. Our electronic medical record has geo-location so that we can ensure providers are practicing within their jurisdiction. Snippa’s platform and providers comply with all governing medical laws at both the State and Federal levels.

Can I use any pharmacy?

Pharmaceutical medications which are not customized, such as antibiotics or anticholinergic medications, can be electronically prescribed to a local pharmacy of your choice. The pharmacy must have a SureScripts ID.

For certain medication formulations, Snippa has collaborated with Akina Pharmacy, a 503C designated facility which is FDA regulated and certified. We have worked diligently to ensure the safety and quality of our customized formulas and to make them available at a competitive price. If you choose this pharmacy provider, prescriptions will be shipped directly via USPS or FedEx.

If you elect to use a different pharmacy for compounded medications, Snippa can not guarantee the pricing or quality of the medication ordered. At your request, we are able to mail you a printed prescription which can be presented at a pharmacy of your choice. Please note that not all pharmacies can produce the custom formulas offered by Snippa.

When am I charged for any customized prescription medication?

If specialty pharmacy or products are purchased during your visit, you will be charged the additional amount at its conclusion. You may need to provide your credit card information again. If your medication is sent to a commercial pharmacy, you will typically be charged when you pick up the medication.

If you ordered anything from the marketplace and you believe you were charged incorrectly by Snippa, please email support@hellosnippa.com

If you are purchasing a product, lab test or supplement directly from Snippa’s marketplace, you will transact your payment in the shopping cart.

What is the difference between an OTC and pharmaceutical product?

Descriptions of over the counter (OTC) and pharmaceutical (rx) solutions are found on the online marketplace. OTC products can be purchased without a provider visit.

Can I return my medication?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept returns of products or medications & all sales are final. If there is an issue with a prescription, please contact your provider through our secure patient portal https://www.mymedicallocker.com/If you feel we have made an error in an order placed on the marketplace, please contact us at support@hellosnippa.com

Who is your partner pharmacy?

Akina Pharmacy
23475 Rock Haven Way #105
Sterling, VA 20166
Tel: (855) 792-5462

Akina Pharmacy is a compounding pharmacy and many of our formulations are compounded products.


How do the kits work?

What are the instructions for collecting my specimen? 

Wash your hands before you begin.

1. Place the sticker with your name, date of birth, and order number (if available) onto the small tube with liquid. Place the sticker flat onto the tube. DO NOT DRINK! 

2. With the cleaning towel provided, wipe front to back from your urethra to your anus and discard. 

3. Use sterile collection cup to collect your urine sample mid urine stream and fill the cup halfway. 

4. Open the small tube and place in a secure, upright position so that the liquid will not spill. 

5. Using the provided pipette, squeeze the bulb with the tip fully inserted into the urine you collected. Try not to touch the pipette to anything outside of the cup. Transfer the urine to the test tube.  Repeat as necessary to reach the max fill line on the tube, if possible. 

6. Secure the cap onto the small tube to ensure that the liquid will not spill out. Then turn the tube upside down 3x to mix in the preservative. 

7. Put the labeled tube into the biohazard bag and then put the biohazard bag containing tube into the FedEx shipping bag provided.  

8. Attach provided shipping label to the FedEx Bag. Drop at your local  FedEx or Fedex Box, or call Fedex to arrange pick up (1-800-463- 3339). When calling, say “Schedule Pickup,” choose “Express  Pickup,” and then enter the tracking number on the label. If you have any issues, call 1-877-744-7781  

9. When completed (usually within 24 hours of receipt at the lab) your results will be available for viewing only at the lab portal – https://myresults.P4dx.com. Use your Snippa Patient Portal to communicate with your Snippa provider for interpretation and treatment of results. 

*The Snippa Patient portal is different than the lab result portal* 


Lávese las manos antes de comenzar

1. Coloque la etiqueta con su nombre, fecha de nacimiento y número de  pedido (si está disponible) en el tubo pequeño con líquido. Coloque la  etiqueta plana sobre el tubo. ¡NO LO BEBA! 

2. Con la toallita de limpieza provista, limpie de adelante hacia atrás desde su  uretra hasta el ano y desechela. 

3. Use el vaso de recolección esteril para recolectar su muestra de orina a  mediado chorro y llénelo hasta la mitad.  

4. Abra el tubo pequeño y colóquelo en una posición vertical segura para que  el líquido no se derrame.  

5. Usando la pipeta provista, apriete el bulbo con la punta completamente  insertada en la orina que recolectó. Trate de no tocar nada de afuera del  vaso con la pipeta. Transferir la orina al tubo de ensayo. Repita según sea  necesario hasta que llegue a la línea de llenado máximo en el tubo, si es  posible.  

6. Asegure la tapa en el tubo pequeño para asegurarse que el líquido no  se derrame. Luego voltee el tubo boca abajo 3 veces para mezclar el  preservativo.  

7. Coloque el tubo etiquetado en la bolsa de riesgo biológico y luego coloque  la bolsa de riesgo biológicos que contiene el tubo en la bolsa de envíos de  FedEx provista.  

8. Adjunte la etiqueta de envío provista a la bolsa de FedEx. Llévela a su  FedEx local o a una caja de FedEx, o llame a FedEx para coordinar la  recogida (1-800-463-3339). Cuando llame diga “programar recogida,” elija  “recogida express,” y luego ingrese el número de rastreo en la etiqueta. Si  usted tiene algún problema, llame al 1-877-744-7781. 

9. Cuando se complete (usualmente dentro de las 24 horas posteriores de ser recibidas en el laboratorio) sus resultados estarán disponibles solamente  para su visualización en el portal del laboratorio – https://myresults.P4dx. com. Utilice su portal de paciente de Snippa para comunicarse con su  proveedor de Snippa para la interpretación de los resultados y tratamiento. 

*El portal de Snippa es diferente al portal de resultados del laboratorio.


How will my results be communicated to me?

Results can be accessed through Snippa’sHIPAA compliant patient portal at https://www.snippa.vitalis.us Click on lab results – you will see provider comments and your visit notes posted to the portal.

Results are also available on the Snippalab portal for viewing only. You will receive a text message with a secure link when the results are available.

How are Snippa tests different than a regular urine culture?

PCR diagnostic testing of urine improves on the standard urine culture in multiple ways: by drastically reducing the average time for results; offering increased detection for polymicrobial infections (multiple bacteria at once); and increased detection of pathogens routinely missed on a standard urine culture. Snippa provides rapid accurate results so you can be treated correctly the first time!

Is your lab certified?

Yes! Snippa’s lab is CLIA certified. For additional information, please email support@hellosnippa.com

Snippa tests are validated by our clinical laboratory affiliate to ensure comparable results to samples collected in a physician’s office or clinical laboratory. Tests have not been approved by the US Federal and Drug Administration (FDA). These tests are used for Snippa’s clinical purposes and should not be regarded as investigational or for research. Clinical laboratory affiliates are regulated under the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act (CLIA) of 1988 as qualified to perform high-complexity clinical testing and follow the guidelines of the College of American Pathologists (CAP).

How long does it take to get results?

Once the specimen collection kit arrives at our lab, results are typically reported in 1-2 days..An email notification with a link to our secure portal will be sent as soon as the results become available. Please be advised mail delivery timelines may vary and on rare occasions result in longer processing timeframes. Rest assured we are working to get your test results ready as fast as possible

What states and countries do you ship your home test kits to?

While we are working as fast as possible to expand our coverage, please note at this time we are only able to fulfill orders for customers in the United States of America.

Is shipping of my home test kit discreet?

Kits will be shipped in generic packaging with a return label from our Snippa fulfillment partner. We do not show the product name on the outside of the package and on the return envelope and use only generic mail packaging for return shipping as well.

When will my kit ship?

3-5 days First Class Mail Shipping: FREE

Shipping cut off is 11am PST (1pm CST).

Orders placed before the shipping cut off M-F will be shipped on the same day.

2-days Shipping: $7.00

Shipping cut off is 11am PST (1pm CST).

Orders placed before the shipping cut off M-F will be shipped on the same day.

Orders placed on Friday after the shipping cut off and on weekend will be shipped on Monday and may have an expected delivery by courier service on Wednesday.

Overnight Shipping: $45.00

Shipping cut off is 11am PST (1pm CST).

Orders placed before the shipping cut off M-F will be shipped on the same day.

Orders placed on a Friday after the shipping cut off and on weekend will be shipped on Monday and may have an expected delivery by courier service on Tuesday.

Expected delivery date may change depending on the courier service and their delivery schedule in your area. Though we make every effort to work with our carriers to deliver as quickly as possible, delivery dates are not guaranteed. Additionally, Saturday deliveries are not always available in all delivery areas.

If I get STD tested by my doctor or in a lab, is testing confidential?

Typically, there is a record of every test order submitted thru health insurance in the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) database which can be accessed by every insurance provider in the U.S. Health insurance coverage discrimination on the basis of this information is prohibited but other kinds of insurance provider have access to this data and may use it to make decisions about your coverage and rates. At Snippa, your privacy is of our utmost concern & Snippa will not share your information with the MIB.

Does a negative result mean I do not have an STD?

All STIs have an incubation period during which the presence of the infection may not be detected. Furthermore, Snippa testing does not evaluate for all STI infection types. While you may test negative in the early part of this period, it does not mean that you will not test positive at a later date. Furthermore, any future sexual encounter can be associated with a new infection. This is why frequent and regular STD testing is critical. Estimated window periods are as follows:

  • HIV – 3 to 12 weeks
  • Chlamydia- 2 days up to 4 weeks
  • Gonorrhea – 2 days up to 3 weeks
  • Trich – 7-10 days

What happens if I get a positive STD test result?

If a positive result comes up, don’t panic! Your Snippa provider will work with you to immediately begin finding the best treatment option. Early detection means you have more options and can minimize damage to your health or your partner’s. Refrain from further sexual activity until your healthcare provider advises it is safe to proceed. Your Snippa provider cannot treat your sexual partners without separate testing and telehealth visit.

I lost my mailing label, what do I do?

Do the kits expire?

Yes, a kit’s expiration date is marked on the tube in the box and may vary. Typically it is 2 years.

Learn More

Who are the providers on the Snippa platform?

What sets Snippa apart from other online platforms is our dedication to care designed to meet your specific concerns delivered exclusively by specialty trained providers.

All of our providers are licensed and credentialed in the states where they practice. All providers undergo an extensive background check and license verification. Additionally, all Snippa providers have comprehensive training in the specific subset of women’s health conditions we treat.

Do I need to see a health care provider in-person to use Snippa?

Snippa does not take the place of routine medical care by a primary care provider or well-woman checks with a gynecologist. All patients are advised that they should follow age specific recommendations regarding health screenings. If you have not seen a provider in person in the past 2 years, we recommend you do so BEFORE engaging with a Snippa provider. If you need help finding a provider in your area, visit zocdoc.com.

Is my information safe?

We take privacy and security very seriously. Our platform is designed to comply with all privacy laws as they pertain to online sales and protected health information (HIPAA). Any communication regarding protected health information must be communicated through the health portal as part of our electronic health record to ensure this information is protected properly.

Where is Snippa available?

Medical consultation, diagnostic test ordering and prescription medications are currently available for patients in Ohio, Texas, Pennsylvania, Florida and New Jersey. Snippa provider consultation is only available in states where Snippa specialty providers are licensed and can prescribe medication. 

Over the counter supplements are available in all 50 states in our online marketplace. If we are not yet in your state, please email us at support@hellosnippa.com and we will make availability in your state our top priority.

Why would I see a urology provider? Is this different than a gynecologist or urogynecologist?

The short answer is easy. You can and should talk with ANY of your providers about your pelvic health care concerns and they should be able to answer your questions or suggest someone who can.

A more detailed answer is that urologists train broadly in bladder, pelvic floor, urethra and the urinary tract, while gynecologists train broadly in obstetrics, pelvic health, vaginal conditions, pregnancy and fertility problems. Urogynecologists do additional special training to bridge many overlapping conditions. Providers in any of these fields (and some others) may take a special interest in, and do additional training, in female pelvic health and focus on these problems in their practices. Snippa’s founding partners worked together in a urology practice where they specialized in female pelvic complaints and concerns. All of our providers undergo specialty training in the conditions that we treat.

Is Telemedicine a safe way to receive care?

Telemedicine is a safe and effective way to receive care for a number of health conditions but is NOT intended to entirely take the place of in person care or routine health screenings. The quality of a telehealth visit is dependent upon patients answering health related questions truthfully, completely, and accurately. Healthcare professionals can only provide safe and effective care when they have accurate information on which to base their assessments and recommendations.

Snippa providers depend solely on the information provided during your visit and any information provided through secure messaging, phone call, or video chat. That background, combined with their knowledge, experience and clinical judgement allows them to evaluate your symptoms and to recommend appropriate treatment.

If you are prescribed treatments or medications, it is your responsibility to ensure that you understand the intended effect and any possible complications or side effects. Please verify that there are no interactions with other medications which you are currently taking and ask your Snippa provider if you have any questions. Always review information included with medications in its entirety so that you can weigh the risks and benefits of the proposed treatment.

Why do I need to provide a photo ID?

By law, your provider needs to confirm your identity before treating you via telemedicine. To confirm your identity, we need two photos:

1. A photo of your government-issued ID.
2. A clear photo of your face (feel free to send us a selfie!).We’ll use these photos only to confirm that the pictures match each other. If you have any questions about how to upload your photos please email support@hellosnippa.com

What is Snippa’s mailing address?

1519 York Road
Lutherville, MD 21093

Our providers focus on treating the whole patient with a combination of traditional and holistic treatment options. Snippa also provides an online resource for supplements, diagnostic tests, and patient education.

If you have any additional questions please contact info@hellosnippa.com

Here for you, when you need us.