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Urinary Tract Infection Test Kit

Treat your UTI with confidence today! Avoid emergency settings, crowded waiting rooms, and receiving the wrong antibiotic to treat your symptoms.

Snippa’s UTI kit was customized by urology and pathology experts to identify the urinary pathogens responsible for 99% of urinary tract infections and detect resistance genes for the most commonly prescribed antibiotics. By utilizing the most modern PCR genetic detection methods, even the smallest quantities of bacteria can be identified. This lab kit is delivered overnight to your home for private and easy sample collection and then shipped back to our lab for immediate analysis.

Also included in this kit is an individually packaged, sterile urine dipstick with instructions for use, interpretation and reporting. These results can be shared with a provider to potentially guide treatment, even prior to completion of specimen DNA analysis.

At Snippa, antibiotic stewardship is a primary focus and we are committed to minimizing the individual and societal risks of antibiotic overuse. All kits include a free visit with a Snippa Provider to review results and recommend treatment and to discuss strategies to avoid future issues. Because your privacy is important to us, you will need to log onto the HIPAA compliant patient portal to schedule an appointment to review results.

Includes consultation with provider & free overnight shipping.


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